Prof. E.A. Rauscher Selected Publications

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  • The Physical Implications of Multidimensional Geometries and Measurement
  • The Origin Of Spin: Consideration Of Torque And Coriolis Forces In Einstein’s Field Equations And Grand Unification Theory
  • Non-Abelian Gauge Groups for Real and Complex Amended Maxwell’s Equations.
  • E.A Rauscher, A Set of Generalized Heisenberg Relations and a New From of Quantization, Lett. Nuovo Cimento 4, 757, 1972
  • E.A. Rauscher, A Possible Group theoretical Representation of the Generalization Heisenberg Relations, Lett. Nuovo Cimento 5, 925, 1972
  • The Minkowski Metric for a Multidimensional Geometry, Lett. Nuovo Cimento 7, 361,1973
  • K. Harada and E. A. Rauscher, Unified Theory of Alpha Decay, Physical Review 169, 818, 1968

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